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Fanfare helps YouTubers make more money. We're passionate about the amazing independent artists who made YouTube what it is. So here at Fanfare we help them to find their 1000 True Fans, who will support them and keep them creating.

I'm the Founder, Paul Anthony Williams and my background is in content creation - first as a journalist then as an independent podcaster and video creator. I've built multiple six figure businesses off the back of unique, entertaining and educational content and had the opportunity to work with some of the world's biggest YouTube channels whilst doing it.

Creator Frustrations

One frustration I felt personally, and heard from many of the creatives I met, was that it requires an enormous amount of ads to sustain a channel full-time. That's especially true if you have more than one of you on the team, or have really ambitious creative ideas that require more than a Canon 70D and a street. This dynamic encourages clickbait, and controversy and lowest-common-denominator shit over the geeky, nichey, carefully-crafted art that I love.

Another was that other revenue models are time consuming to set-up (events, merchandise, premium content) or ask creators to compromise their art to make cash (brand deals, monetisation rules etc). I spent tens of thousands of dollars on developers and plugins and hosting to get my company website to where I wanted it to be.

A third was that the massive platforms were great for finding an audience, but terrible for building a long-term career on. From Facebook changing the Page rules (and charging a fortune to talk to your hard-won fans), via YouTube moving the goalposts with new algorithms and their own content, to Twitter shifting from incredible community to noise-filled cesspool (and straight-up killing Vine!).

Fanfare aims to solve the technology side of those problems. We still can't organise a conference or create cool t-shirts (at least not yet!), but we can build you a website in seconds and keep it up to date with all your latest content (without you having to mess with ugly, slow, complicated and bloated CMS systems). We can't make your content for you, but we can help you make the most of your existing content - both by using it to attract brand new fans, and by providing the tools to gather your fans details and contact them directly. And we can't do much to sway the Silicon Valley heavyweights, but we can get out of your way and let you build a business on your own platform, with your own branding, own domain (and no competitors).

You've already done the hard part

By far the hardest part of developing a content business is regularly creating valuable content, and finding a sizable hardcore audience that the content resonates with.

YouTubers have already done the hard part!

We want to help them focus on what they're already amazing at - making great stuff - and get paid well for doing it. We can handle the hosting, marketing and payment problems so they don't have to.

Thanks for looking!

Paul Anthony Williams
Founder & CEO, Fanfare

p.s. If you want to learn more or discuss your channel with me directly, get in touch.

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