How It Works

1. Create a Fanfare

Get a beautiful site in seconds.Works everywhere and all your existing content is included.

2. Contact Fans Directly

Gather email addresses and make sure your biggest fans never miss a post.

3. Monetize Your Posts

Take donations and automatically deliver the perks, or easily charge for premium content.

What You Get

Your website on autopilot

Social platforms are incredible and give independent artists more reach than ever. But the landscape constantly changes (RIP Vine!), and having your own website still allows far more freedom than relying on any one network.

    Your Fanfare includes...

  • Your content, brand, and unique style on your own domain.
  • Syncs automagically. Publish elsewhere and site updates.
  • Works everywhere. No app stores, downloads or 'installs'.
  • No developers, plugins, or security patches to worry about.

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Get more from your old content

You've spent years working on your craft and you have hundreds of great ideas packed in to your existing content. But social feeds only last minutes or hours and after that it can be hard for brand new fans to discover your best bits.

    Your Fanfare includes...

  • Easily sort, group, and display your content anyway you like.
  • Increase your views and stop losing viewers to competitors.
  • Built-in Search Engine Optimisation helps new fans find you.

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Contact your biggest fans

Likes and Follows are great but nothing beats knowing exactly who your true fans are. Being able to reach out to them directly whenever you like builds a more personal connection that still scales to millions of people.

    Your Fanfare includes...

  • All the tools to collect emails from your biggest fans.
  • Send unlimited broadcast emails or push notifications*.
  • Make sure fans never miss a video, or promote your merchandise, events, or launch of new projects.

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Unlock new revenue streams*

Ask your fans for direct support. Donations and purchases compliment existing ad revenue, are more authentic, and help you retain your creative freedom. Get CPMs up to 10x higher and stop fretting about demonetisation or sponsor approval! Recurring income provides a base that lets you plan ahead and produce more ambitious projects.

    Your Fanfare includes...

  • Ability to take one-off/recurring donations or payments.
  • Accept Credit/Debit Cards, Apple Pay, or Bitcoin.
  • Sell premium content. Access is all handled automatically.

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